Our Recycle Program

Albertans are returning a record number of beverage containers to bottle depots - over 2 billion every year more than any other province.

That's more than 500 containers for every person in Alberta and placed end to end, enough containers to circle the earth 12 times!

What Your Depot Can Do For You:
  • sort and count your containers
  • provide an accurate refund
  • provide a printed receipt at your request
  • commercial pickups for businesses that produce a large volume of beverage containers
  • help set up a donation program or bottle drive
  • provide recycling bins and support for community events
Before You Visit a Depot:
  • empty and rinse containers
  • leave tabs and labels on
  • flatten milk containers and jugs but don't crush other containers
  • confirm hours of operation at your local depot
  • pre-sort containers for a faster return
What Happens To Recycled Containers?

Recycling containers adds up. On average, Albertans recycle over 2 billion containers each year. That means more than 129,000 tonnes of waste is being kept out of landfills annually.

Every beverage container returned is recycled and used in the manufacture of many commercially useful products.

Aluminum Cans - Become new aluminum cans

Plastic Containers - Used in the manufacture of new plastic containers or plastic products

Glass Containers - Used in fibreglass insulation

Refillable Glass Beer Containers - Can be reused up to 15 times

Polycoat, Juice and Milk Cartons - Converted to paper pulp and cardboard

Bi Metal Containers - Used for scrap metal that becomes construction rebar

Community Drives:

Contact us for information about holding your own bottle drive!

We have offered our bottle drive services for

  • School fundraisers
  • Sport teams
  • Business drives

Free Electronics Recycling!

Drop off your old electronics at any location and we will take care of the rest.

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