About Us

Cosmos Community Disability Services Foundation

Originally established as Cosmos Enterprises in 1972, this long-standing agency has evolved into a well-reputed provincial leader and an integral part of Central Alberta’s community. Our long-standing community agency serves to connect community members to the wealth of resources and opportunities that exist in the central region, Alberta.

Cosmos Community Support Services Ltd.

Our diverse range of services includes workplace training and career services, community volunteerism, computer training, life skills workshops, community inclusion and recreational support. In addition to these services we also offer advocacy groups such as Freebirds and Toastmasters International.

Our clients include people from all walks of life and experience, looking to move ahead in employment, personal goals, or who just want to make connections and volunteer in their community. Our programs and services are open to people 15 years of age and older, and we offer a unique range of options for individuals who may require supported or transitional services.

Cosmos Bottle Depots Ltd.

Cosmos operates three bottle depots in Central Alberta. We support ongoing bottle drives for community charities and service organizations and have several drop bin locations around the region for our customers’ convenience.